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Why do we recommend the IMAP configuration?

The POP protocol it works like this: the mail program connects to the server, retrieves all the mail, downloads and saves it locally (i.e. only on the device you are accessing), deletes the messages from the server and then disconnects.
In some cases it is possible to activate the option to keep a copy of the messages on the server without deleting them, but this could in some circumstances create conflicts or redundancy of the emails.
Furthermore, precisely because POP was created for use on a single device, sent mail and any folders created and organized on one device will not be replicated and synchronized on the other devices..

The IMAP protocol, instead, it is more modern and works like this: the mail program connects to the server, does not download the emails locally, but displays the content of new messages and saves them in the cache of the device as temporary files.
If the user reads a message, deletes it or marks it as read, these changes will be reproduced directly on the server and will therefore be viewable both on the webmail and on any other devices where the same mailbox has been configured via IMAP. This two-way protocol is recommended for all those who need to read their mail from multiple devices (for example from computers, tablets and smartphones, or from the office and home PCs ...) always keeping all the synchronized folders. Furthermore with IMAP there is no risk of losing messages even if the computer or device used is broken because the mail is always online on the server and just reconfigure the mailbox on a new device to find all your e-mails.

To proceed with the configuration IMAP Click here.

If you want to do the configuration instead POP ( and thus lose your mail backup and folder synchronization ) Click here .