I can still log into my account, but i fear someone might have access to it too

Change your password as soon as possible to protect your account

  • Access your email using the webmail, by clicking on "Check your mailbox" on www.email.it www.email.it
  • Click on Preferences and then on Change Password.
  • Type in your current password in order to prove you're the actual owner of the account, then type in the new password.
For more detailed information on how to change the password of your account click here. .

After changing your password

  • We suggest, in case you have a professional @email.it account, you check your email filtering and redirect, in order to make sure your emails aren't being redirected to an email account you haven't set up.
  • We also suggest you check your registration info hasn't been changed. These settings can be changed in www.email.it in the "Useful links" section, by clicking on "Edit registration information".

    For more information on how to change your registration information click here

    I can't find a solution

    If none of the given solutions has helped you solve the issue, we suggest you open a trouble ticket. Please describe the problem as best as you can, as well as the error messege you view, if you view one.
    To open a trouble ticket click here:

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