Incorrect Username or Password free mailbox

If you've received the message "The inserted Username or Password aren't correct" after trying the login, it's probably that you've not type the correct Username or Password of the mailbox
  1. Try to re make the LOGIN paying attention to type the correct data.
    • USERNAME: in this field type the mailbox's name (ex. username) or the entire email address (ex.
    • PASSWORD: in this field type the mailbox's password, paying attention on any upper and lower cases

  2. If the first point doesn't work, try to recover your password with the automatic procedure.
    • You can find the recover password instructions in this page

I can't find a solution

If none of the given solutions has helped you solve the issue, we suggest you open a trouble ticket. Please describe the problem as best as you can, as well as the error messege you view, if you view one.
To open a trouble ticket click here:

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