Webmail access instructions

To make the webmail access it's necessary to:

- be connected to internet
- access to our site https://www.email.it - click on the button "Check your mailbox"
- at the voice Mail account insert the name of the mailbox of which you want to read the email (ex. john.smith@email.it)
- at the voice Password insert the correct password, paying attention to type correctly any upper or lower cases.

I've follow the instructions but i can't access

  1. You may have typed the wrong password: if you don't remember the access data we suggest you to use the remember password tool:

  2. Your mailbox could be expired due to inactivity
    The free mailboxes, after 2 months of inactivity, will be automatically eliminated and it won't be possible to recover the messages, the address book and the settings in it.
    If you remember your old password and the contract terms have not passed, you can reactivate your username only by subscribing to the Email.it PRO service.

I can't find a solution

If none of the given solutions has helped you solve the issue, we suggest you open a trouble ticket. Please describe the problem as best as you can, as well as the error messege you view, if you view one.
To open a trouble ticket click here:

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