Update @email.it mailbox reset password data

Keep up to date these data will help you in case you have to reset your password.They are the data that you will insert during the Reset Password procedure and that we will utilize to confirm your identity.

Follow this procedure to change them:
  1. From www.email.it in the right section Useful links, click on Change registration data

  2. You will be adrressed in the page illustred down here, where you can change:
    -alternative email address;
    -secret questions/answers;
    -phone number;

    At the end of the modification, scroll down and click on Save


I can't find a solution

If none of the given solutions has helped you solve the issue, we suggest you open a trouble ticket. Please describe the problem as best as you can, as well as the error messege you view, if you view one.
To open a trouble ticket click here:

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