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Expiry @email.it free mailbox

What's going on if the mailbox expires?

Considering that ZE-Free is a free email account, Email.it reserves the right to suspend the account by deleting the account if the User does not log into the mailbox for at least 90 (ninety) consecutive days.

When an account is deleted all emails, contacts, personal details, ECR credits and settings are deleted as well. For more detailed info read the contract.

I've see that my free mailbox expire the xx/xx/xxxx day. What does it mean?

The expire date indicated in the webmail help the user to remember that if the mailbox will not be used for 60 consecutive days, the mailbox will be deleted.

I happen to not use the mailbox for longs periods. How can I avoid to loss my email?

In this case we suggest you to subscribe a Ze-Light Professional Email or a Ze-Pro Email ( at the corresponding price of euro/year 25 and 40, VAT excluded). With an abonition service, your mailbox don't expire for the all period of subscription, even if it's not used. Furthermore you will have other services, like no one of sponsored messages in exit.
For more informations watch the offers in this page: Professional Email Offers

I need more informations:

We suggest you toopen a ticket of informations request. Our staff will reply in the shortest possible time.
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