IMAP - How to configure your Zimbra account in an email client

Below you will find the parameters you must use if you want to configure your Zimbra account (ZE-Basic, ZE-Light, ZE-Pro and ZE-Pro50) in an email client.

ZE-Basic, ZE-Light
ZE-Pro e ZE-Pro50

SSL available
POP3 we suggest you don't use POP3 ( Why? )
IMAP port: 143
SMTP port: 25 ( or 587 )
POP3 port(SSL): 995
IMAP port(SSL): 993
SMTP port(SSL): 465
POP3 port: we suggest you don't use POP3 ( Why? )

Step-by-step tutorials for Zimbra account configuration

Choose your email client from the list below and follow the instructions.

zimbradesktop Zimbra Desktop logo_office2010 Outlook 2010 outlook 2013 Microsoft Outlook 2013 logo_off_2007 Outlook 2007 windowslivemail Windows Live Mail thunderbird Thunderbird
Windows 8
windows8mail Mail
Windows 10
Mac OS
mail Mail zimbradesktop Zimbra Desktop
thunderbird Thunderbird zimbradesktop Zimbra Desktop
android Android iPod Ipad/iPhone Blackberry Z10 Blackberry Z10 Windows Phone Lumia Windows Phone