IMAP configuration on Android

Follow this tutorial for IMAP setup of your ZE-Free, Ze-Light, Ze-Pro, Z-Light or Z-Pro, N-Light, N-Pro or N-Pro Base account on Android devices.

  • If you need to set up a new mailbox on Android Click here
  • If you have just made the switch to the Zimbra platform you need to modify the servers an existing configuration Click here

New configuration

  1. On your Android device, tap the mail program icon:


  2. Enter the full name of the account @ and the relative password, and click on "Manual Config."


  3. Select the type of Account you want to configure, in this case "IMAP Account"


  4. Enter the data for the incoming mail server:
    Server IMAP:

    If you want you can set the SSL security and the port will become 993 , while if you leave "None" the port will be 143.
    Press the button " Next> "


  5. Now enter the data for the outgoing mail server:
    Server SMTP:

    If you want you can set the protection SSL and the port will become 465, while if you leave "None" the port will be 25.
    Check that the item is checked "Login is required" which is used to authenticate outgoing mail.
    Press the button "Next >"


  6. In this screen you can select some account options, for example how often to check for new messages, if you want to receive a notification every time you receive a message, ...
    Click on " Next>


  7. The configuration was completed successfully.
    Click on " Done " to finish.


  8. Editing an existing configuration

    1. Login to your Email application
    2. Click on Manage Account

    3. Click on the mail account you want to edit

    4. Scroll down and click on Other settings

    5. On the next screen click on Incoming mail to proceed with changing the settings

    6. Click under "IMAP Server" and enter
      Then click on Done. You will return to the previous page.

    7. This time click on Outgoing mail

    8. Click under "SMTP Server" and enter
      Click on Done to save the changes.
      Your mailbox has been correctly configured.